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In 1989 Peter Goldscheider and Gustav Wurmböck created EPIC as a financial advisory house focusing on investment in the newly emerging markets in Central and South-East Europe. Since that time, EPIC has progressed from a small Austria-based consulting group to become the top financial and privatization advisory group in the region, specializing in merger & acquisitions and investments. EPIC Financial Consulting GmbH is EPIC's advisory arm consulting on all aspects of M&A transactions. EPIC Goldscheider & Wurmböck UnternehmensberatungsGmbH is the investment arm of EPIC group.


"Our history of expansion and results mirrors the growth and development of the CEE and SEE regions as a whole. We have been proud to be a part of the largest transformation challenges in a newly emerging market. As pioneers for privatization in this region the EPIC team is continuing to secure investment opportunities for its clients as some core countries have entered the European Union. The transformation process is hitting a milestone, broadening the rich array of opportunities for investment and partnerships in the greater European region. EPIC will keep expanding its operations and build momentum in both established and new markets, with an unchanging resolution to achieve outstanding results. We are concentrating our efforts on investment opportunities that promise growth in value by putting to work strategic vision, state of the art management and, when required, tough restructuring measures."

Peter Goldscheider & Gustav Wurmböck

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